Executive Search

We have many years of experience of successfully recruiting senior and mid level executives. All our work is carried out on a retained basis.

We take a pro-active approach to recruitment and undertake fresh, systematic research for each assignment we work on.

We have a track record of delivering on challenging and or sensitive projects which make the most of our research, candidate handling skills and consulting experience. Based on our extensive market experience we provide significant up front advice on the role requirement and profile design.

We have a reputation for delivering a top quality service and for finding good people.

We have successfully completed searches at CEO/General Manager, Director and Manager level positions.

We work across a range of sectors including - business services, energy, financial services, FMCG, healthcare, manufacturing, property, retail, and advanced technology.

We have worked for some of the world's largest multinationals, leading Turkish firms and smaller companies just entering the market.

We have found talent for roles in Turkey, Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, and searched for candidates all around the globe.

A Good Practice approach is at the heart of the OneWorld recruitment process.

We work transparently with our clients, and we have learnt that the closer we work together in partnership, the more effective we will be. We provide frequent feedback to our clients throughout the search process.

Executive Search Principles

We are a client driven organisation, and we only ever receive fees from companies. However we place great importance on the interests of candidate executives and we follow principles we summarize as Candidate Care.

  • We only ever introduce executives to organisations that we believe in.
  • We only introduce them for roles which we believe will be a good step for their long term career.
  • We only put executives in the interview process with our clients if we believe they have a realistic chance of getting the job.
  • We never share candidate details with a client without the executive's express permission.
  • We protect the confidentiality of executives we talk to, and handle confidential information sensitively.
  • We give executives that we deal with feedback as soon as possible and we always aim to give them useful feedback on the process, whatever the outcome.

Over the years our consultants and researchers have built a reputation for professional standards that has enabled them to become trusted advisors in the market, and to access senior executives who don't trust others easily.
This is demonstrated by the positive feedback we receive from our executive recruitment candidates.

OneWorld Consulting is the Turkish member firm of IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide. IIC Partners is one of the world’s top 10 executive search organizations, with 52 offices across 34 countries. IIC Partners provides OneWorld Consulting with global reach and the opportunity to combine international best practices with local expertise to provide seamless cross border search solutions.

We coach successful senior executives at leading global and national corporations. Organisations employ our coaches to help their leaders enhance strengths, manage weaknesses, and acquire new and dynamically different work habits that are essential for success in today's rapidly changing business environment. Many organisations around the world are finding executive coaching to be a highly valuable tool, which is best focused on their most successful and high potential executives.

What is Coaching?

Executive coaching is a series of dialogues between a coach and an executive in which they work together to define the issues and construct solutions. A skilled coach facilitates conversations that result in great personal development and learning by the executive, as they deal with the changes that are a constant fact of executive life. Raising awareness, reviewing goals, designing and following up on action plans are often focuses of executive coaching, along with robust discussions of challenging issues the executive is facing.

Coaching is different from training and consulting; the executive sets the agenda and owns the process. The role of the coach is to support and challenge them as they find their own solutions and implement them. Our coaches use their business experience, empathy, listening and questioning skills to add value to their clients. Being confidential and taking place over a period (typically six to twelve months) make Executive Coaching an extremely valuable tool.

We are members of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and abide by its code of ethics.

We welcome the EMCC and ICF's filing of a Common Code of Conduct for Coaching and Mentoring with the EU, and we support and subscribe to this Code of Conduct.

We are able to provide effective international coaching solutions through our membership of SineMuris which provides high quality executive coaching throughout the world.

Types of Coaching

We work with executives in a broad range of situations, and every coaching engagement is different. As well as general executive coaching we offer a number of specialised programmes, based on our experience and client demand.

CEO Coaching for those at the top of their organisation. These people can often be isolated, and the coach can be a valuable and trusted sounding board with whom they can discuss a wide range of issues in confidence. A number of CEOs work with our coaches on an open-ended basis, meeting with their coach when they believe a discussion will be valuable.

Onboarding Coaching for executives moving into a new role. Working with executives before they start a new role and over the first weeks and months enables them to add value much more quickly and minimize some of the risks associated with new executive appointments.

Intercultural Coaching for executives working in a new culture, or managing a multicultural team.

Coaching for Negotiations focusing on contemporary approaches to win-win negotiations.

Career Coaching for executives considering their career directions.

Please contact us for more information on Executive Coaching.

In mentoring programmes, senior executive work with more junior executives in a different part of the organisation, to help them raise their awareness of themselves, others, the organisation and the world around them, and to make good decisions as they develop their careers. The skills of mentoring are very similar to the skills of coaching, but the context is different.

Research shows that mentoring programmes add significant value to the mentees, mentors and the organisations involved. All parties learn and develop skills, and participants' understanding of themselves, others and the organisation increase. Mentees are more likely to stay with the organisation and to be successful within it.

We work with clients to design and support internal mentoring programmes. Typically this involves support on programme design, tailoring and running workshops for mentors and mentees, and offering ongoing supervision to those taking part in the programme. We also provide and recommend materials that can be used as part of the process.

We are members of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and abide by its code of ethics.

We are members of Coaching and Mentoring International, and work with David Clutterbuck, one of the international thought leaders on mentoring on the design of mentoring programmes and research into many areas of coaching and mentoring.


As business becomes more complicated, global and fast paced, no one executive can offer all the competencies needed to run an organisation. The role of the leadership team is becoming more important, as companies realise that the quality of their top team and the way they work together is a critical success factor for the organisation.

We work with senior leadership teams to improve their effectiveness. Typically we work with the CEO, to address questions such as:

  • Is your current set of leaders a real team or a group?
  • Do you need a leadership team? If so, why?
  • What type(s) of team do you need, and what should their purpose be?
  • Who should be on your top team and how should that team work?

We work with teams to support and challenge them as they define their key Purpose, Goals and Rules for working together.

We also facilitate team meetings and provide advice on effective meeting planning and organisation.

Please contact us for more information on our work with Leadership Teams.

Because of our experience as managers, consultants and coaches around the world, we are asked to advise companies on a range of people issues. We do not provide large scale off the shelf solutions; rather we work closely with an organisation to provide a tailor-made solution using our skills. If we do not feel we are an effective provider of what you require, we will try to recommend you someone who is. Our people advisory services are determined entirely by our clients' needs, but include the following:

We work with companies going through change, such as a merger or acquisition, to assess the organisation from a people perspective. We make recommendations on how the organisation can improve its structure and effectiveness. We are also able to quickly benchmark talent against the market. We are not tied to any particular assessment or psychometric tools, but have experience of working with a range of different instruments, depending on the situation.

We work with companies to design tailored assessment and development centres and support their implementation.

Our executive search experience makes us experts in the field of executive compensation. We do not sell large-scale salary surveys, but we do advise companies on specifically how they need to structure and benchmark their compensation plans to attract and retain their key talent.

We are not providers of teambuilding programmes; we do work as expert facilitators to help clients have more effective meetings and workshops. Often this allows the leader of the business to be more of an active participant than they could be otherwise.

  • Management Assessments & Organisation Needs Assessments
  • Assessment Centre Design
  • Compensation Reviews
  • Meeting and Offsite Facilitation

We work with teams to support and challenge them as they define their key Purpose, Goals and Rules for working together.

We also facilitate team meetings and provide advice on effective meeting planning and organisation.

Please contact us for more information on our work with Leadership Teams.

We have hands-on experience of running businesses and leading teams in Asia Pacific, Europe and the USA. We also use insights from the world's leading cultural theorists and researchers. Our intercultural services include:

We work with incoming and outgoing executives who are going to work in a new culture. Rather than just providing a list of what to do and what not to do, we work with each executive individually, to raise their awareness of their own cultural preferences. We look at different validated cultural dimensions, and work with the executive to design an action plan of how to be effective in the new culture. We typically provide follow up coaching for the executive.

More and more executives are leading or working in multicultural teams. These may all be in one location, or remote or virtual teams spread around the globe. We work with leaders of these teams, and the teams themselves to raise awareness of the issues involved and to turn diversity into a competitive strength.

  • Intercultural Briefings & Coaching
  • Diverse Teams

There comes a time when an executive needs to leave an organisation. Many companies want to support executives through this transition and for this need we provide individual, customised outplacement services.

We apply a coaching approach, and work with the individual executive as they go through the process of leaving the organisation and deciding on their next career steps.

The process involves regular meetings with an experienced consultant, who will go over the executive's career history and work with them to decide how to move their career forward in the most effective way.

The content of these programmes is always dependent on the individual's needs, but often includes:

  • discussion of a range of career options involving consideration of personal life values and goals
  • advise on preparing a CV
  • consideration of which roles to apply for and how to manage the process
  • recommendations on how to work with headhunters and recruitment agencies
  • suggestions on networking and profile raising
  • interview preparation and practice
  • preparation for a role in a new organisation

For further information please see OneWorldConsulting Outplacement Service.pdf